Hydraulic crane parts at Batam

PT.CALTAV INDONESIA hydraulic crane parts are sourced directly from the component producers by our cost cutting team.PT.CALTAV INDONESIA always supply original parts, identical to the parts supplied by the crane manufacturer.

PT.CALTAV INDONESIA can offer good savings on the majority of parts.
In some cases quality alternatives are available and we will be able to quote for both original and replacement parts if required.

A small example of hydraulic parts PT.CALTAV INDONESIA supply:

Pumps and motors
Brake solenoid valves
Control valves
Hydraulic filters/fittings

Control Valve

directonal valve

Crane Filter

crane filter


Oil filter


a2v pump


Hydraulic crane parts at Batam
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PT.CALTAV INDONESIA is a company specialized in Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical system, HVAC, Servicing, overhaul and Commissioning for ship deck machineries and Ship deck crane, including Trading and other supplies for marine and offshore industries.

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